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Client Testimonials:

"My experience with Apogee has been first rate.  Personal service coupled with professionalism.  Quite frankly, as a business person that juggles a lot of balls, they have made the ownership of my Cirrus a real pleasure and manageable with their service.  Had it not been for Josh and his team of pilots and the clean flow of paperwork, I would really have been in the woods alone.  Anyone that enjoys flying, but doesn't want to be a hangar hangout person, that has other commitments and things they like to do or can really use a Cirrus as a business tool, would be well served having Apogee on their team." 
 -Greg Sandler (Dynamic Machine of Detroit)

"I've been a client of Apogee Air since its inception. As a Cirrus aircraft owner and pilot, Josh Clark and Apogee have been invaluable resources for all my flying needs. The aircraft management services are outstanding and allow me to do what I love...flying. All the rest is handled efficiently and completely by Apogee. I highly recommend Apogee Aircraft Services."
 -Evan Black, MD

"Josh and Valerie are great people building a business the right way. Josh is a great teacher!!!!! He teaches how to be a safe, practical, disciplined pilot. If he signs you off, you know your business. He manages planes and flies the same way. I look forward to working with them for many years to come."
 -David Rohtbart  

"With Josh and the team of Apogee I have always found impeccable, well maintained planes, a professional group of pilots, flexibility with the schedules and a clear orientation to exceede my expectations, flying and off the plane."
 -Santiago Chamorro

"I am immensely satisfied with the service I got from Valerie, Josh and other members of the team at Apogee Air. They have made my transition to Cirrus easier than expected by facilitating my training and service, and educating me in all things Cirrus. If you own a Cirrus or want one, you can't go wrong with the people at Apogee Air."

 -Claudio S.

“With over 500 hours, predominantly in a Cirrus, and a recent owner of an SR22, ongoing training and aircraft management are of particular importance. Josh Clark at Apogee Air excels at both – his aircraft management is thoughtful, thorough and responsive. And training is also exceptional; Josh and his team are very experienced and have flown a number of different aircraft. They bring a balance of technical and practical instruction to the flight deck that is well beyond other flight schools I have experienced.”
 -Peter B.

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